Come and Join our Team

We offer a variety of enrollment programs to meet your needs:

Basic Program: Our basic program allows you to train in the martial arts program of your choosing for a monthly tuition rate. 

Six Month Basic: Our basic six month package allows to train in the martial arts program of your choosing at a substantial saving from the Basic Program.

Warrior Package: This program is for those students  who have chosen their martial arts program and and are going for it.  It is a greater saving in tuition from the basic or basic six month program.  The Warrior package is a 12 month program that will take you through on average of four level examinations, and is a $240 savings from the basic program.  

Elite Warrior package: This is the most popular program and is the best value for you training needs.  For the same tuition as the Basic program for a 12 month agreement you can train in every and all martial arts programs we offer.  Combat Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tang Soo Do Karate, ALL of the classes every martial arts style.  This is for the serious student who wants to be rounded in their training.  

any program listed above other than the Basic monthly program a student is eligible to pay your agreement in full and receive a 10% discount 

Private Instruction:  Private instruction rates will vary depending upon the program desired.  The classes can be tailored to your needs or stay within a specific curriculum. Many students have achieved great success in this fashion or it can be a benefit for those professionals that are unable to attend the group classes. Contact your instructor for details.  We are also available for seminars for your group.